HD BLUMOIST Serum 30ml


Moisturising fluid gel. Intensive
moisturising concentrate with protective
effect against HEV radiation or blue light.

• Polarised water
• Exopolysaccharides
• Ceramides
• Vitamin E

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Blumoist HD Cosmetic Efficiency 30ml Hydrating Serum
Intensive action moisturizing concentrate with protective effect of HEV radiation or blue light.
Its formula incorporates BLS (Blue Light Shield) technology, which protects against the signs of aging caused by blue light exposure of digital devices.
Its continued use helps increase the natural hydration of the skin for a soft and protected complexion.
Formulated with a carbohydrate complex that helps retain moisture for a long time, up to 72 hours after the last application.
Ceramides soften the skin and improve its barrier function, and also contains triple hyaluronic acid.
Its texture of aqueous fluid gel is quickly absorbed and leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being on the skin.

Without parabens. Perfume without allergens .

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30 ml drip bottle.