HD NOX-CR15 Solution (15 2 ml units with applicator)


Illuminating Solution. Concentrated solution with
a luminous effect that unifies the tone in dull skins.

Acerola Extract

Suitable for all skin types, mature skin with a dull tone,
and pigmented skin. Non-ingestible. Non-injectable.
Topical use.

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Concentrated solution with light effect that unifies the tone of the skins off. The combination of antioxidant active ingredients of its formula is especially indicated in mature skin . It helps reduce expression lines and provides hydration to the skin. Co-aid in depigmenting treatments. It contains encapsulated vitamin C (15), stable (7%) and free (7%), as well as resveratrol, which increases cellular resistance to stress, preventing skin aging. Vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of collagen, an essential constituent of the supporting tissues of the dermis. It also contains niacimide that moisturizes, reinforcing depigmenting action. It is quickly absorbed and leaves a pleasant feeling of well-being on the skin.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

15Uds of 2ml


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